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Menstrual Cycle & Your Skin

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

You may have noticed that your skin changes with your menstrual cycle. I’m here to clear the confusion and help explain why these changes occur! The information below is based on an average 28 day cycle.

From days 1-6 (menstrual phase), the skin is dry because of low progesterone, which lowers our natural oil production. We also have lower estrogen levels, which contributes to drier skin. On these days, it is very important to hydrate and nourish. I would recommend the hydrating masque and the herb & mineral spray to aid in hydration.

Days 7-11 (follicular phase) are typically calm skin days as our estrogen increases and the skin rebalances itself. In this phase, it is important to maintain and protect our skin, in which case I recommend using your normal products and protecting your face with sunscreen.

Ovulation typically occurs within days 12-16, usually peaking on day 14. In this phase, our skin tends to “glow” because our estrogen levels are peaking. In this phase, it is just as important to maintain and protect the skin using normal products, and of course, using sunscreen!

Days 17-28 are known as the luteal phase, and this is when our skin is oilier and more congested. In this phase, progesterone dominates over estrogen which tells our body to secrete more oil. In this phase, oil control and treatment of breakouts and acne is very important. My top product recommendations for this phase are the acu masque, pore reduction drops, and salicylic acid.

Everyone’s cycle is different and you may experience different symptoms in different phases; this is a general guide to understanding how menstruation cycles affect our skin. If you have questions, please reach out to me via my website, social media, or give me a call! I’d love to connect and help you better understand your skin!

Chart describing phases of menstrual cycle and how they affect the skin
Menstrual Cycle & Your Skin

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