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Should I Use Cleansing Tools?

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

I get a lot of clients who have questions about cleansing tools such as cleansing brushes or silicone pads. Cleansing brushes are typically advertised as tools to help clear pores and exfoliate, but they actually do more harm than good. The reason for this is that the bristles accumulate tons of bacteria. When you use this brush over and over, you are re-introducing harmful bacteria to your face. They are also typically very aggressive tools and can be too intense for skin, causing irritation. Broken capillaries are typical when using this type of brush. When we have broken capillaries, our skin dries out and doesn’t allow blood and oxygen to flow freely, which can cause premature aging.

Instead of using these brushes, I recommend silicone pads. I will say that your hands are your best tool, but if you must use a tool, these are it. They are resistant to bacteria because they dry quicker than brushes and aren’t porous. These are also gentler on the skin and typically do not burst capillaries.

Your fingertips are the best tool you can use when washing your face, but if you need something stronger, opt for a silicone pad instead. When using them, remember to be gentle, as the skin on your face is sensitive. Throw those facial cleansing brushes away!

Bristle Cleansing Brush for Face
These types of brushes are extremely harmful to skin

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