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Aging Skin 101

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Wrinkles, pigmentation, dull skin, Oh My!

Are you in your middle-age years and started noticing some fine lines or pigmentation that popped out of nowhere? Or your skin does not feel as bouncy as it once was? Well, I am here to tell you that you are not alone. Aging is a part of life - but what is occurring in your skin to cause these stubborn areas?

From the moment we are born, we already have a “draft” of how our skin is going to age. It is determined by our genetics, also known as intrinsic factors. As early as our mid 20’s, our skin starts to lose its collagen. Hence, why we may begin to see fine lines and wrinkles. However, the timeframe of when those pop up is based on extrinsic factors such as exposure to UV rays, environmental pollutants, stress, and products being used on your skin that can speed up the aging process.

Take my skin for instance- when I was younger, I NEVER wore sunscreen or really washed my face with anything but water (which I am kicking myself for.) Now, I am noticing forehead wrinkles and sunspots. This does not mean it cannot be treated.

Fortunately, there are many treatments and products available with DMK to allow the skin to reach its genetic potential. The focus is to remove any buildup that causes fine lines and dry skin, rebuild by restoring the skin's barrier to optimal functioning, protect the skin from the sun and free radicals, and maintain it by using home prescriptives for better results.

Aging is inevitable, but who says the wrinkles, sunspots, and dull skin have to come so soon? The skin can be complex but with the concept of DMK, we can help improve the integrity of your skin and reverse signs of aging.

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